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So Long Shu Uemura

Are you a Shu Uemura fan?  Their most famous product I'd say is their eyelash curler.

Shu Uemura is however, a complete makeup line with quality skincare, makeup, and eyelashes.  I've personally used their Cleansing Oil, samples of their skincare, and lipsticks.  The brushes are also supposed to be some of the best quality ones out there, but their price reflects that quality, so I can't reflect on that validity.

Why do i mention this?  Well, WWD is reporting that their parent company L'oreal is going to cease U.S. operations for the brand.  Apparently 60% of the company's sales currently come from Asia, and perhaps the U.S. market has grown as much as L'Oreal would have liked.  That means the closing of all the counters and I'm assuming stores.  You still will be able to buy products online at their website There's no current timeframe, so stay tuned to the blog and I'll keep you posted.

I personally would be pretty sad to see the brand go and hope the decision isn't based on just the past 2 years or so.  Have you heard of something called the recession guys?  I think that a lot of extraneous purchases were cut out and makeup is usually something people don't consider a necessary expense. I would suggest giving it a year to see if a new approach can work, but then again, this reported closure may be exactly what the brand needs to gain some more publicity, as people start to mourn its loss.  Okay, that's just my 2 cents worth.

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Lipstick for a Cause

Okay, confession time.  I typically don't like products that are made in honor of some charitable cause.  Don't get me wrong, I'm a firm supporter of cancer research or saving the planet, or whatever natural habitat needs saving.  However if you think about how much a product is selling for and what percentage of that is actually being donated, your money is better spent on just donating to the charity. In my years as a makeup fan, there is only one "charity" related product I've bought.  Maybe you've seen the most recent spokeswomen?


MAC Viva Glam lipsticks have been around since 1994 with the introduction of the original Viva Glam lipstick.  There are 8 lipsticks and while they're not exactly cheap at $14 (which is same price as any other MAC lipstick), 100% of that amount, yes 100%, goes towards the MAC AIDS fund, which supports those affected with HIV/AIDS around the world.  With a range of shades from nude to pink to red, you should be able to find a shade that's flattering for you. It's available now for purchase online or at Mac counters.

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Give me Liberty of London

I haven't highlighted a new makeup collection in a while but the Mac Liberty of London collection is too cute to pass over.  Until I heard about this collaboration, along with Liberty of London for Target, I was unfamiliar with this English brand, but I have to admit I'm now enthralled!  I'm definitely not one to shy away from prints so this brand speaks to my bold side.  To give you an idea, here's some of the looks from the collaboration with Target:
So as you can see, they're bold, fun, floral patterns that are decidely feminine.  I think the MAC collection came out before the Target stuff did, but you'll probably have more luck finding the MAC items as most of the stuff on Target's website is sold out.  You might want to check out the brick and mortar stores though.  Okay, so what's in the makeup collection?

Beauty Powders ($25)
Shell Pearl
Pale peach with gold pearl (Limited Edition) (Repromote)
Summer Rose
Soft violet pink with pearl (Limited Edition) (Repromote)

Eyeshadows: ($14.50)
Give Me Liberty of London
Flat creamy pink (Matte) (Limited Edition)
Free to Be
Creamy true coral (Matte) (Limited Edition)
Dame’s Desire
Frosty mid-tone reddish purple (Frost) (Limited Edition) (Repromote)
Birds & Berries
Frosted dark green blue (Veluxe Pearl) (Limited Edition)
Bough Grey
Mid-tone bluish grey (Satin) (Limited Edition)

Lipsticks: ($14)
Ever Hip
Creamy light coral (Cremesheen) (Limited Edition)
Neutral peach (Satin) (PRO)
Petals & Peacocks
Creamy bright magenta pink (Amplified) (Limited Edition)
Blooming Lovely
Creamy greyed lilac mauve (Amplified) (Limited Edition)

Lipglass ($14)
Frankly Fresh
Neutral pink beige with soft pearl (Limited Edition)
Perennial High Styl
e Creamy bright pink coral (Limited Edition)
English Accents
Creamy mid-tone blue pink (Limited Edition)
A Different Groove
Deep purple brown with pearl (Limited Edition)

Blush ($18.50)

Dirty Plum
Sheer dark plum (Limited Edition)
Prim & Proper
Neutral nude (Limited Edition)

Nail Lacquer ($12)

Vestral White
Creamy white (Cream) (Limited Edition) (Repromote)
Blue India
Dark green blue with pearl (Cream) (Limited Edition)

Makeup Bags
A limited-edition laminated makeup bag decorated with an exclusively created flower and bird pattern for the Give Me Liberty of London collection. Zip closure boasts a fabulously outsize floral pull. Measures 8″ x 2.75″ x 3.5″. ($22.00 U.S. / $26.50 CDN)
A limited-edition laminated makeup bag decorated with an exclusively created flower and bird pattern for the Give Me Liberty of London collection. Zip closure boasts a fabulously outsize floral pull. Measures 8″ x 2.75″ x 5″. ($25.00 U.S. / $31.00 CDN)

A limited-edition scarf designed with an exclusively created floral pattern for the Give Me Liberty of London collection. Rows of coral, orange, yellow and blue flowers form a repeating pattern on a white background. The fabric is a soft wool/viscose blend. Made in Italy. Measures 27″ x 82″.

If you're looking for an update to your makeup collection, run to your nearest MAC counter/store and pick up some of these items.


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I'm feeling Particuliere

Well well, I guess better than late than never is going to ahve to be the mantra of my blog.  Apparently I post only every 6 weeks.  I really really really really, no really really really really want to change that.  so to end the week and at least have a post up this month, here I am.

I have all these great ideas for my next series of posts on the blog and then I get lazy and think, who's reading my blog anyway?  Plus I need a new camera (my old one is taped together to work, but it does still 'work') but having a job isn't so great for the wallet.  So in due time, i will get these posts done.   For now, I'm enjoying painting my nails and coming up with new ideas.  My current nail color?  Chanel Particuliere.  Yeah it's as close as I'm getting to designer wear.  I don't have a personal photo of me wearing it, but it's one of those "it" colors that's described as a greige...kind of gray, beige, purply color.  Very intriguing, somewhat vampy but still neutral.

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Some Changes

I've been a bad blogger.  Here we are, 6 weeks into 2010 and I haven't posted this year.  Never mind the last few weeks of 2009 as well.  So much as happened in the past few months, blogging wasn't really a priority for me.  So what's happened?  Well beauties, I've moved!  Yep, I headed 3,000 miles away to sunny Snowy Washington D.C.!  Seriously, as a California native, what's up with all this snow?  Of course the winter I move, it's the year for record breaking snow fall.  I have great timing.  It was time for a fresh start and boy, am I getting it.  The job search I've mentioned before is continuing, but for now, this is an exciting new adventure.  It was sad to leave people back in the Bay Area since those are most of the people I know, minus the few people here in the D.C.

So now that things are getting into a routine, I'm going to resume blogging again.  Thanks to my sister and new friend Julia, I think they'll keep me on task if I don't post for a few days, so here goes!  Thanks for sticking with me and I look forward to showing you some beautiful products and tutorials.

Stila Warehouse Sale

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If you are in the L.A. area, you should check out the Stila Warehouse sale.  I have heard about them, but since I am not in the area, I can only hope that someone else will find this information helpful.  They have a ton of Stila cosmetics on sale at 50-80% off, so you can get some crazy deals like $5 brushes.  Check out this article from a "Stila Warehouse Sale Veteran" and let me know if you go!

Details: Saturday, December 5th.  Doors open at 8AM, but apparently there's a pretty big line that forms, so plan to get there early.
Location: 1161 Vine St. Hollywood CA
Only Cash and major credit cards accepted.

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Airbrushed to Perfection

While I believe that the first step in a flawless complexion begins with taking care of the skin, sometimes some airbrushing can't hurt.  And in this case, I don't mean photoshop!  I had planned to purchase the Temptu airbrush system from Sephora; at least once I have the money (a date TBD).  However it is pricey and I wasn't sure it'd be worth it.  So it was with some excitement that I saw it being offered in store at a local Sephora!  I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to see it in action.  The sales associates at the store were not helpful while I was still browing the store, but once I got up to the counter to pay for a couple of items, the guy behind the register asked if there was anything else I might be interested in so I told him I wanted to test the Temptu system out.

Now don't get me wrong, the system is expensive and the foundation samples are expensive.  The smell is a little strange but it dissipates rather quickly.  You just kind of move the airbrush around in small circles until you reach the desired coverage.  Even though I didn't get a chance to try the application myself; it seemed easy enough and I was more interested in the coverage anyways.

[A side note: makeup artists around the country please stop using such light shades!  I am not happy with this shade and had I needed to be photographed for any reason, I would have come out looking like a ghost.  So please, become better shade matchers!]

So the verdict?  The coverage and finish is great.  I wasn't super impressed immediately for some reason, but I have to admit that an hour later when I got home and took a picture, I was pretty amazed at how even my skin looked.  Even without a powder, my face stayed covered and flawless, no red cheeks in sight!  I wish my skin looked like this naturally.

The elephant in the room: the price.  Saving up for the compressor must happen of course, but the foundation pods alone are on par with other high end foundations like Dior and Armani.  It's said that each pod of foundation lasts 2 months, but I can't imagine using it every day so I think it would last longer.  You get 2 pods for the $55 price.  So Santa, have an extra $300 for me?  I'll have to pass right now on cost alone.  Everything I have right now works just fine.

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Save on Kate

I have been dying to try Kate Somerville products, especially ExfoliKate.  Do I take the plunge at 30% off?  People rave about her line, so if you want to try it, head over Kate Somerville and save 30%.  A good discount, not just the 20% most cosmetic companies offer.  Enter code KATE2009 starting Friday November 27th through November 30th.

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6 Free Zoya Polishes

I am a nail polish fanatic and over the past couple years, have built up a a sizable collection.  One of my favorite brands is Zoya and have I got a deal for you!  The day after Thanksgiving is going to be Zoya's "Green Friday" where you can score 6 FREE polishes with a $20 purchase.  Wow!  And they are 6 beautiful greens. Tangy, Envy, Midori, Irene, Suvi, and Veruschka.  I actually have Envy, Irene, and Suvi so if I got these polishes, I would probably gift those out.  I'd be excited to get Tangy, Midori and Veruschka; the last one is one of the new matte polishes.  Since each Zoya polish is $7, you can pick up 3 of your favorite shades and wallk away with 9 polishes.

Details: Add three polishes to your cart and enter the code: GREENFRIDAY.  The offer is good starting tonight at 5PM (EST) through Friday, November 26th at 5PM (EST).  Happy polish picking!

Here are the samples of the six free polishes.

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Sales and Discounts Oh My!

Happy Thanksgiving!  I don't know who will read this today; I for one am enjoying turkey and stuffing (myself).  I used to be a little blase about Thanksgiving but it has become my favorite meal of the year.  And my pants definitely feel it at the end!  Okay, enough of food talk.  Once you're ready, it's time to shop!  Whether you do it online or brave the crowds tomorrow, there are a number of discounts to be had.  Here are threethat are online, so no risk of being stuck in traffic or suffering a worse fate.

Lancome Friends and Family

Bobbi Brown - Save 20% at BobbiBrown.com

Smashbox, Save 20% online with the code SBFF9.  They have some cute holiday sets and kits that would be a stea at 20% off.  Also, if you've balked at the price of the primers, you can save some money now.

Also at Saks Fifth Avenue, if you spend $100 on beauty products, you'll receive $25 Saks gift card.  Use code: BEAUTY9 online

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